The latest improvements to Prospero

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Color By

A screenshot of the Prospero app with an arrow pointing to the "Color By" format option. The events on the calendar are color-coded based on their location.

You can now color-code the calendar by Project, Location, or Tag. Use Format > Color By to select which option you prefer. Your selection is saved to your views and used in your view links. To update a view with a new color-code, select a view, choose your preferred option, then click Set as View defaults.

To support this feature, all locations now have a color property. Turn your venue into a beautiful rainbow. 🌈

All-Day Events

Screenshot of the Prospero event editor with an arrow pointing to the all-day toggle

It’s finally arrived! You can now create true “all-day” events in Prospero! Simply toggle the all-day switch in the event editor when creating an event. Pick your dates and you’re done.

Events that cross midnight but are not all-day events will still be rendered as bars that cross days in the month layout. To help distinguish them from all-day events, the start and end times will appear at the start and end, respectively, of the event on the calendar.

Improvements and fixes

  • Status, flag, and draft can all be set when bulk editing.
  • Email notifications in older versions of Outlook for Windows (all versions prior to the recently released “new Outlook for Windows” (appreciate it if you could make this more confusing, please, Microsoft)) have improved rendering.

Event Flags

Screenshot of Prospero event popup with flag icon to the left of the event title

You can now flag events. Toggle the flag switch in the event editor and click Save to apply a flag. Flags appear in all calendar layouts at the beginning of the event title.

Flags are a great way to mark events that have incomplete information and need updating. One Prospero user is using flags to indicate if an event was changed last-minute to comply with their AGMA agreement. Flags are flexible- you decide what they signify!

Search Resources

Screenshot of Prospero app Inventory page with a search bar at the top-center of the header

You can now search in any resource page (Inventory, Locations, etc.) to find what you’re looking for.

Improvements and fixes

  • The … menu in the event popup now contains all possible edit actions (Move, Duplicate, Edit, and Delete) in addition to Share.
  • New keyboard shortcut: Esc de-selects all currently selected events.
  • Command keyboard shortcuts like Cmd + A and Cmd + Backspace are disabled when a text field is selected.
  • Cmd + A correctly selects all events in week layout when week start is set to Monday.

View Announcements

Announcements Example Screenshot

You can now add announcements to views. Announcements are a great way to communicate media presence, put-ins, or other information your cast & crew need to know. Announcements are displayed above the calendar in view links and TV mode. To edit a view’s announcements, click Update View.

Search Events

Search Box Screenshot

You can now search event titles to find just the event you’re looking for. Click + Filters in any calendar layout and start typing in the search bar. Viewers can search in view links (by using the + Filters button).

Improvements and fixes

  • Double-clicking on an event opens the editor.
  • The emails field in notification modals now suggests people based on what you type. You can also now use backspace to remove emails.
  • The “three dots” menu in event previews now includes options to move, delete, and edit.
  • Item conflicts are detected alongside location and people conflicts.
  • If you have no resources of a given type, i.e., no tags, a button is displayed in the event editor to take you to that resource’s page to create your first resource.

Email Notifications

Change Notification Email Screenshot

Notifications have arrived in Prospero! Keep your team updated as you make changes to the schedule, broadcast messages to everyone called to an event, and easily share your view links.

  • Event Changes - Any time you create, edit, or delete an event via the editor, you can elect to toggle on “Notify Attendees”. You can edit the recipients and see a preview of the email after clicking “Save”. Prospero will intelligently modify the notification based on the recipient and the action you took. For example, if you add someone to an event, that person will receive an email that says they were added to the event, while the remaining recipients will receive an email showing the before & after of the change.
  • Event Messages - You can send an email to everyone involved in an event by clicking on the event to open the popup, then … > Share. The recipients will be pre-filled with the people attached to the event. You can edit the recipients, subject, and body of your message.
  • Share Views - Any time you have a view selected, click the envelope icon next to the view link in the upper-right of the page to share your view. Edit the recipients, subject, and body of your message (we pre-filled the body with some tips for viewers). The view link will be included below your message.

Every notification will display your organization’s logo in the upper-left corner of the email. If you don’t have a logo set, Prospero’s logo will be used. You can add a logo via Settings > Overview > Logo.

Improvements and fixes

  • People can have custom pronouns. Select “Other” in the person editor and a text field will appear for you to enter their pronouns.
  • Bulk commands now have keyboard shortcuts: Cmd/Ctrl + M to Move, Cmd/Ctrl + D to Duplicate, Cmd/Ctrl + E to Edit, and Backspace/Delete to Delete.
  • All Cmd keyboard shortcuts are also mapped to Ctrl - so you can now Ctrl + Click to select multiple events. Enjoy, Windows users!

Deactivate & Reactivate Users

Screenshot of the Prospero settings page, illustrating a dropdown menu where you can deactivate other user accounts

You can now deactivate users via Settings > Members > … > Deactivate. Deactivated users cannot log in and lose access to your organization. You will no longer be billed for their membership starting from the next billing period. You can reactivate a previously deactivated user via Settings > Members > … > Reactivate.

Coupled with Prospero’s recently released Permissions, this is a great way to give access to stage managers or production managers of a specific project. Provision their account with editing permission only for the project they’re involved in, then deactivate their account at the end of the project.

Improvements and fixes

  • The top field of each editor (i.e., the title field for events) is auto-focused when you open the editor. Click create and just start typing!
  • Fixed a bug where view links would have extra blank horizontal space
  • Event end cannot be set before start

Week & Day Layout UI Updates

Screenshot of Prospero week layout with lots of clustered events.  Overlapping events are displayed in columns and have extra margin around them, making them easier to visually distinguish.

This week’s update includes a suite of improvements to the week & day layouts:

Overlapping event boxes in week & day layouts are now rendered in separate columns within the day (rather than overlapping). This prevents information from being obscured for events that occur at the same time.

Event boxes now have a very small margin, making it much easier to distinguish between back-to-back events of the same project.

Event box backgrounds are now slightly transparent for a more modern aesthetic. 💅

Improvements and fixes

  • Fixed a bug where viewers in timezones west of UTC would have view links default to the day before the set start date
  • Featured lists are persisted across refreshes and logins
  • Cmd + A will now select only events visible on the screen, excluding events that are hidden due to your chosen filters

Editor Permissions

Permissions Dashboard Screenshot

You can now set granular access controls for every part of the Prospero app. Set permissions for a user via Settings > Members > … > Edit Permissions. When inviting new members to your organization, you can select the permissions they will receive once they join the organization. Permissions are presented in a grid. Each row indicates a section of the Prospero app, like “Locations” or “Billing”. Columns represent the permission levels, from least permissive to most permissive.

No Access - Block access to this section of the app.
Read - Allow access to this section of the app, but no action can be taken.
Edit - User can edit existing data already in this section of the app.
Create - User can edit existing data and create new data in this section of the app.
Delete - User has full access to this section of the app: editing, creating, and deleting data.

Under Events, each Project has an access level. Use these to give users access to only the projects that are relevant to them. For example, a stage manager might have Read access by default, and Delete access for the production they’re currently working on.

Search in Dropdown Menus

Dropdown Search screenshot

After opening a dropdown menu, start typing to narrow the list of options. For super speed, use Tab to navigate to a checkbox, Space to (de)select a checkbox, then Shift + Tab to navigate back to the search box. The text is already selected, so you can immediately start typing to keep searching.

Improvements and fixes

  • You no longer need to re-login every hour! We tightened security and your access is now maintained for 7 days, so you only have to log in once per week on each browser you use.
  • People, Groups, and Tags are now sorted alphabetically (People by last name) in dropdown menus and displays.
  • The Event editor always defaults duration to one hour (unless creating an Event by dragging on the calendar).

Bulk Editing

Bulk Edit Screenshot

You can now edit Event properties in bulk from any layout. Select Events (Cmd/Shift + Left Click or Cmd + A to select all), then select Edit from the menu at the bottom of the screen. Choose the property you’d like to edit- type to narrow the list of available options. Options vary based on the nature of the property you’re editing.

For times, you can type the same time interval options from bulk move & duplicate into the menu. For example, “1 hour later.” For text fields, type the new content of the field. For associated properties (Locations, People, etc.), type to narrow the list of available options.

Improvements and fixes

  • Cmd + A selects all Events visible on screen in any calendar layout
  • Chosen Split By options in day layout are persisted across refreshes and logins
  • List layout always starts with dates selected

Mass Move, Duplicate, & Delete

Mass Select Duplicate and Delete Screenshot

You can now move, duplicate, & delete Events in bulk from any layout. Select Events by holding CMD or SHIFT and left-clicking on an Event. Use the menu at the bottom of the screen to choose an action. When moving or duplicating Events, you can select a default option, or type a date or time interval into the menu. For example, “Feb 21” or “3 hours later” or “3/12/26."

View Link Format Customization

View Link Formatting Screenshot

You can now set default layout & format options on your View links. When saving a View link, select which layout (month, week, day, or list) you would like displayed by default. Choose what day you want the link to start on. “Today” is always today, whenever the viewer views the link. To change the default format options, open the Format menu and make your adjustments. Click Set as View defaults at the bottom of the format menu to save your defaults.

Mobile & Desktop App

You can now install Prospero as an app on your mobile or desktop device! Instructions vary based on your browser and operating system. To start, open Prospero in your browser. On iOS, select Share > Add to Home Screen. On Android, select … > Install App (or Add to Home Screen). On desktop, Chrome & Edge display an install icon in the top-right of your browser, near the “Favorite” button. The app works identically to the version on the web. We’re looking forward to bringing push notifications and other native features to the app soon!

Improvements and fixes

  • Events in the month layout don’t have unnecessary scrollbars
  • Fixed a bug where the filter “+” button would occasionally not work
  • Column dividers are fully drawn in list layout

Featured Lists

Featured List Screenshot

You can create lists of featured Events to display at the top of the list layout - great for fittings, crew calls, or highlighting specific Events in the list. Create featured lists in list layout via Format > Featured Lists > +. Name your list, choose the filters you want to use to narrow your Events, and decide if you want these Events to appear in the main list. You can re-arrange the order of featured lists with the “draggable” area on each list. By default, the main list is titled “Main List” when featured lists are present. You can rename the main list with the pencil button in the format menu.

Improvements and fixes

  • Pre-filled fields in Event Editor. When you create a new Event while you have filters selected, those categories are now pre-filled in the Event editor

Week Start on Monday

You can now adjust the month & week layouts to start the week on Monday! Use the format menu to choose your preferred starting day: Sunday or Monday.

Project Abbreviations

Project Abbreviations Screenshot

Added a new “Abbreviation” field to Projects. In month, week, and day layouts, you can opt to have the Project abbreviation displayed next to Event titles. This is a great way to accommodate those with colorblindness or tell projects with similar colors apart.

Improvements and fixes

  • The error screen now prompts you to submit feedback to the team so we can better track down and squish any pesky bugs
  • Canceled Events have their title ~~struckthrough~~ to make their status as obvious as possible
  • Project key dates are properly sorted by date wherever they appear
  • Split by People allows you to select People from the “+ Add Person” menu
  • Week & day layouts display the correct start & end times in the Event boxes based on your selected timezone

TV Mode

TV Mode Screenshot

Introducing Prospero’s TV mode, purpose-built for displaying your schedule in lobbies, hallways, and offices. Turn on TV mode in any calendar layout via … > TV Mode. Your organization name & logo are displayed in the bottom-left. Change your organization name & logo in Settings > Overview. Entering TV mode while in a View will instead display the View name and a QR code linking to the View link. Give staff and actors the power to view the schedule on the go!

Day Split By & Format Options

Day Split By Screenshot

You can now split the day layout into columns based on any detail, like Location, Project, or Tag. Perfect for seeing what’s happening in each space of your venue. Select how you’d like to split the layout via Format > Split By. Choose the specific columns with the + Add button. Drag-n-drop columns to choose the order they’re displayed in. Via Format > Display, customize what’s displayed in the Event boxes on the layout. You can choose to display the Event end time and/or attendees. Adjust the zoom level of the layout with the slider. Adjust the scrolling behavior of TV mode to start & stop at a specific time of day via Format > TV Mode.

Improvements and fixes

  • The app no longer freezes when manually entering the year in the time window
  • View list layout displays Events as expected

List Events by Category

List by format screenshot

By default, Prospero lists your Events in one list. Sometimes, you want a few lists stacked on top of each other, like lists for the Events in each Location or each Project. Use Format > List By to group your Events by any category. Events may appear more than once if they belong to multiple lists.

List Dividers

If Excel is your aesthetic, we’ve got you covered. You can now choose to display dividers between your columns via Format > Dividers.

Improvements and fixes

  • Tags & Collections are now fully displayed in list layout
  • People names are legible once more when a conflict is detected
  • The time window in list layout is now consistent with the date on the calendar header
  • Navigating away and back to list layout no longer changes the time window
  • Clearing tutorial data now correctly deletes Inventory and Tags

List Format Options

List Schedule Format Screenshot

You can now design your own list layout! Open the format menu with the button in the upper-left in list layout. Choose which columns you want displayed in the list. Drag-n-drop columns to shift the order they’re displayed in. Select the option to display Event statuses and tags below the title of the Event.

List Export

List Schedule Export Screenshot

You can now export your list to a PDF. Open the export menu via the “three dots” menu in the upper-right: … > Export. Choose your document options, like page size and orientation. Customize your exported list with a title, notes, or image, displayed at the top of the page. Select the option to include the date & time of export in the footer. You can also print a custom text watermark on every page.

Improvements and fixes

  • Events are properly updated when displaying the calendar in a different timezone than your local timezone
  • Adding an Event from the day “+” button in list view now always defaults to 10am in your chosen timezone
  • Day headers in list view are properly placed in every timezone

List Layout Time Window

List Layout Time Window

The list layout now only shows events within the time window you select. The default time window is the next 7 days.

Common options (day, week, month, & quarter) are available with single-select. If you’re looking for something more specific, you can customize the range to whatever fits your needs. You can move the time window forward and backward with the navigation buttons.

Improvements and fixes

  • Tag filters are now applied to all-day events

People Conflict Detection

People Conflict Detected Screenshot

Prospero now warns you when saving an Event if any People assigned to that Event are assigned to another Event at the same time. Location conflicts are displayed in the same warning.


Event Tags Dashboard

You can now create Tags for your Events! Access the Tags page via the sidebar. Give your Tags names and colors, then choose from 70 theater & arts symbols to make your Tag stand out. Assign Tags to your Events—filter by Tag to create custom Views like performance calendars and press calendars.

Improvements and fixes

  • Toggling sync to Google or Outlook when creating or updating a View no longer clears the View name & URL fields


Scheduling Inventory Dashboard

You can now create and manage your Inventory in Prospero! Like projects, locations, and people, inventory has its own page accessible via the sidebar.

Pieces of inventory are called Items in Prospero. Items can be either a “single” item, like a specific costume, or a “set”, like a set of microphone packs. You can switch between “single” and “set” when editing an item and record basic info like name and image. Track the default location, condition, and lifecycle of each item individually, including each item within a “set”.

Just like people, you can group your items into a Collection for speedy data entry in the calendar. Collections are comprised of individual items, so you can add as many of a “set” of items as you like. Add items & collections to an event via the event editor, just like projects, locations, and people. Filter by item or collection to see an item’s usage in time.



Improvements and fixes

  • Week & Day layouts released from beta
  • While your account is in the trial period, the number of days remaining in your trial is displayed in the sidebar

Onboarding Sequence

Onboarding Sequence Screenshot

New users are presented with an onboarding sequence to help them get the most value out of Prospero. After signing up, you'll be guided through account setup, including:

  • Selecting a plan
  • Creating your Organization
  • Inviting your teammates
  • Activating Outlook and/or Google Calendar integrations

Current users will see an abridged version of the onboarding sequence upon your next login.

Improvements and fixes

  • Your chosen timezone is now saved locally in your browser. On subsequent logins, Prospero will detect and switch to your previously saved timezone
  • We gave the event popup a fresh coat of paint!
  • Links in Event notes are properly detected

Native Print & PDF

Schedule Print Dialogue Screenshot

Native print & PDF functionality is here! To print a calendar, navigate to Month, Week, or Day layout. Open the print dialogue at “…” > Print.

If you’re printing a Week or Day layout, you’ll be prompted to select the range of hours to print (i.e., 8am to 11pm). You can choose to print in color or black & white. Clicking the “Print” button will open your browser’s native print dialogue, where you can further fine-tune your settings. To save as a PDF, select “Save as PDF” as the destination in your browser’s native print dialogue.

Known Issue - Firefox has issues rendering some of the lines in the Month layout. We suggest using Safari or Chrome to print.

Outlook Integration

Outlook Integration Settings Screenshot

Prospero is now integrated with Microsoft Outlook! Outlook users can enable the integration in Settings > Integrations > Microsoft Outlook. Adjust which Views are synced to your Outlook account in the same place. When you create a new View and you have the integration enabled, you will see the option to sync that View with Outlook.

Sync behavior is identical to Google Calendar sync:

  • Changes in Prospero are typically visible in Outlook in less than 5 seconds. In rare circumstances, it may take up to 15 minutes. If you do not see your events appear after 15 minutes, please share your experience in #help with a short screencast explaining what you expected to sync and I’ll troubleshoot.
  • Changes in Outlook do not appear in Prospero. At this time, this is a one-way sync from Prospero → Outlook. If you adjust the time of an event in Outlook, the event will not be updated in Prospero. Always edit events in Prospero to keep both systems in sync (a link to the Prospero app is included at the end of every event description).

Improvements and fixes

  • When creating and/or updating two Views in a row, the second View modal no longer includes the first View’s information

Invite team members to your Organization

Members Setting Screenshot

You can now invite other users to your organization! Head to Settings > Members and click Invite people. They'll get an email with a link to sign up and join your Prospero Organization. You can resend invitation emails or revoke invitations from the members tab.

Your Organization (as opposed to individual users) owns the majority of data in your Prospero account. Events, Projects, Locations, People, and Views will be visible and editable by users within your Organization. For the time being there are no permission controls; every user is an "Admin" user with full read & write access to all data. We'll be tackling permissions in the future and would love input on what sort of permissions you'd like to enforce!

Improvements and fixes

  • Switching to week & day layouts no longer breaks view links

Week & Day Layouts

Week Schedule Layout Screenshot

It’s finally here! Week and day layouts have arrived in Prospero. Both layouts are built with drag’n’drop at their core. Quickly create events by dragging on the calendar, adjust the start or end by dragging the edge of an event, or move events by dragging and “dropping” an event to a new spot on the calendar.

Toggle calendar layouts via the dropdown in the top-right corner of the calendar menu (top-left on mobile).

We’re marking this feature as Beta for the next couple of weeks while we squash any pesky bugs. Let us know if you find any!

Official Google Calendar Verification

Google Calendar Integration Screenshot

Google officially verified Prospero's Google Calendar integration! No more warnings when turning on the integration.

Views are now set to the timezone you were using when you created it. Viewers will always see your View in that timezone - perfect for folks coming in from out-of-town.

There's a new Title field on People to track job titles. A person's title will appear on their contact card.

There's a new Details field on Projects to include freeform notes.

In-App Billing

Billing Settings Screenshot

Billing details are now displayed under the "Billing" settings tab. View previous invoices, your billing address & payment method, and your current plan. You can update your billing address & payment method or cancel your plan completely. You can change your plan via the "Plans" settings tab.

Improvements and fixes

  • The date & time selections are now separated in the event editor. This is a preliminary step to adding “all-day” events with no specific start or end time
  • Project key dates no longer include a time value (date only)
  • Projects, Locations, People, and Groups are now all sorted alphabetically
  • Fixed a rare bug where applying a filter could cause two full-day events to overlap
  • Viewers no longer receive 401 errors when viewing view links


Namespace Screenshot

View links now include a Namespace, giving you more customizability and flexibility when sharing your Views. The new format for View links is: This means all of your View links have a new format, so make sure to share the new link with anyone who has the old one! The old links will no longer work.

We made this change to avoid URL conflicts between Prospero users. Now, you and another user can both have a View with the URL "music-man" under distinct namespaces. Your namespace has to be unique across all Prospero users. If you want a common one, best to get it early. 😉

Calendar Timezone

You can now change the timezone the calendar is displayed in via the three dots menu next to the filters button.

Organization and Profile Settings

You can now update the following in Settings:

  • Email
  • Password
  • Name
  • Organization Name
  • Namespace

Improvements and fixes

  • Multiday events now appear under "Today" on the dashboard
  • An error message now appears if your login session has expired prompting you to re-login. We require a new login every hour for security purposes.
  • Selecting a View in the sidebar no longer closes the list of Views underneath the Calendar button
  • The top and bottom of the app are no longer obscured on Safari on mobile
  • Names of People are now always left-aligned